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"The Christian is a person who makes it easy for others to believe in God." - Robert Murray McCheyne

GB Sponsors' Guidelines

Guests attending a Great Banquet weekend must have at least one sponsor. Sponsorship is a privilege as well as a serious Christian responsibility.  Before sponsoring, consider the following…

Sponsorship Characteristics:

  • A witness for Christ and a Christian lifestyle.

  • Involved in the Great Banquet, or other 3-day walks.

The Great Banquet's purpose is to promote the revival and growth of believers. The mission is to know Jesus as Lord and Savior and to make Him known. We have witnessed the mighty hand of God using the NoVA GB weekends to call unbelievers out of a world of darkness. Please see the characteristics of guests below.

Characteristics of guests are:

  • Christians who wish to grow in their faith.

  • Individuals seeking the truth, individuals seeking answers to life issues or individuals that desire to attend.

  • Individuals who are willing to abide by all weekend protocols.

Things Sponsors should communicate to guests:

  • The Great Banquet is Not a secret.

  • Guests must be able to attend the entire Great Banquet weekend (6:00 pm on Thursday through  6:00 pm on Sunday)

  • Guest must be willing to spend the nights at the church.

  • Continually offer prayer and sacrifice for your guest.


  • All attendees sleep at Vienna Presbyterian Church.

  • Guests are welcomed to bring their own linens and pillows, or use the linen provided by the facility.

  • Meals are provided.

  • Dress is casual and comfortable but bring an inside sweater/jacket to adjust your body temperature, as applicable.

  • Most of the events take place indoors.

Financial Support

  • Our Great Banquets are entirely self-funded by the Great Banquet community.  The cost per guest for the Spring weekend is roughly $150.00.  The cost consists of food, bible, and weekend materials.  We encourage you as a sponsor to prayerfully consider supporting the community financially.  Please navigate to the following website  It will direct you to VPC, please designate NOVAGB on the memo/comment line.


  • Direct your guest to to register for the weekend. 

    • Upon receipt of email confirming your guest’s application, call immediately and share your joy

    • Ask guest to confirm attendance by contacting Kim Hart or Ruth Lampkin at or 240-723-4113. Contact Kim Hart or Ruth Lampkin immediately if your guest can no longer attend, so others on the waiting list may be scheduled.

    • Keep in touch with your guest until the weekend.

    • Solicit and collect Agape letters—encouraging the guest and expressing appreciation—from you, the guest’s spouse, family, friends.

    • Family letters should have an “F” in the upper right-hand corner so they can be opened first.


  • During the Weekend

    • Guests will have dinner at Church after Send-off.

    • Transport your guest to Send-Off by 5:30 pm Thursday.

    • Assist your guest with luggage.

    • Introduce your guest to members of the community and other guests.

    • Care for your guest’s family in any way possible.

    • Attend Candlelight on Saturday evening.

    • Attend Closing on Sunday evening.

    • Provide transportation home for your guest.


  • After the Weekend

    • Accompany them to the Fourth Day meeting.

    • Encourage them to join a Reunion Group.

    • Accompany them to the next Gathering.

    • Actively encourage their Community fellowship for at least 6 months, through prayer, frequent contact, etc.

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