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Women Guests


Joy Nyanteh


Ashley Ivey


 Annette Wright  

Valarie Dargan 

Selena Liebrecht 

Maria Pelete 

Xianfeng Gao 

Monique Jackson 

Mary G. Johnson 

Melanie Howard-Price

Nichelle Caithlin

Linda Fekete

Laura wilson

Echo Krisko

Sponsors for women

Charmaine Dockett

Lee Self

Charmaine Dockett

Donna Ivey


Denise Joseph

Donna Ivey

Donna ivey

Lia Johnson

Guowei Wright

Charmaine Dockett

Tom Johnson

Darren Price

Linda Li

Karen Mokate

Karen Covell

Guowei Wright


Come, let  us unite together in prayer.

The Great Banquet is an opportunity for people from all walks of life to come together and experience the presence of Jesus. It is a weekend of prayer, fellowship, and joy as we celebrate the love of Christ and His invitation to all people to come to His table. Throughout the weekend, we will be praying as a community for the guests and team as they feast at the table of Jesus. Let's pray that all who attend will come to know Jesus better and to make Him known. Come,  join us  as we come together to support the weekends of the Great Banquet 77 & 78.

Men Guests

Orgil Chinbat       

Bruce Knight         

Khudree Agvaanluvsan

Patrick Wade       

Andrew Phillips     

Bilegdemberel Jamiyanjav

Jeff Miers

Byron Johnson

Tim Hax   

Dajuan Price 

Steve Gresham

James Poff

Sainbayar Beejin


Sponsors for Men

Jim Jeffrey

Phil Covell

Jim Jeffery

Tom Furhmann

Richard phillips

Jim Jeffery

Agnes Mutuku

Jim Jeffery

Tom Fuhrmann

Erica Chamberlain

Mark Richard

Charles Geschiere

James Jeffrey

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